Service Experts Heating and Air Conditioning Auctions APCO for Good Cause

June 10, 2016

When the DFW area Service Experts Heating and Air Conditioning locations (Calverley Service Experts, Service Experts Heating and Air Conditioning Plano/DFW, and Levy and Son) chose to sponsor the Walk MS events in Addison and Fort Worth, they wanted to offer something to the event walkers.

“We felt an APCO Air Purifier was the ideal product to auction off since this spring Service Experts has been promoting saving the air, and it helps destroy germs and impurities from your air that can worsen allergies and respiratory problems,” said Rob Haines, Marketing Manager for Service Experts.

Kim Speck was the winner of the Fresh-Aire UV APCO Air Purifier when she offered the most at the Dallas Walk MS event. Kim first discovered the APCO many months before when she came across an article discussing the significance of indoor air quality.

“I didn’t pay much attention at the time because I didn’t comprehend its compatibility with nearly any heating and air conditioning system, and assumed it was another one of those “luxuries” that was definitely not in my budget. When it came up at the Walk MS event, they were talking about the importance of good indoor air quality for people with MS and I just thought of my father.”

Kim’s father was in his 90s and had been living with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease for over 20 years. For the past four years he had been on oxygen constantly, 24/7/365.

“The allergens in the air irritated him even though I constantly bought the more costly 3M Filtrate brand of home air filters. They just didn’t help. He repeatedly caught pneumonia despite the fact that he had only left the house over the past four years for doctor appointments.”

The pneumonia would cause Kim’s father to spend a minimum of two months in the hospital and rehabilitation center. In the time leading up to the Walk MS event in North Dallas, Kim’s father had spent the majority of the month in the hospital and a couple days at the rehab facility recovering from two strings of pneumonia. After being there to see her father suffer so much, Kim decided she was going to “roll the dice” and try to win the APCO, which would both help her dad get access to “clean” air, and also benefit the National Multiple Sclerosis Society.

Kim was so excited when she found out she won and planned on having the APCO installed in her father’s house before he was released from the rehab center. Regrettably, three days after the MS Walk, Kim’s father was brought home to hospice care and passed away peacefully four days later. The APCO arrived the following week.

Kim had the APCO installed in her own home because her husband has issues with allergies. A few weeks after it was put in, she was cooking onions and noted she couldn’t smell any stenches once she the meal was over. She’s happy to experience the long-term effects of her new APCO.

Everyone here at R & M Climate Control Service Experts sends their thoughts and prayers to Kim and her family.

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